Web Applications

Web Application: Building "Intelligent" Sites

A web application is a game changer; Most customers used to request “static” websites, just a collection of webpages with the content to describe their businesses or institutions, that kind of requirements have shifted to require sites that “do things” like keeping track of the visitor from page to page, presenting specific information depending on the visitor’s profile or where the visit is coming from. For this purpose we develop a web application with different levels of authentication, dynamic content often retrieved from a database.

Some application have involved complex searches in databases with hundreds of thousands of records, these applications were accessed by multiple concurrent users without a noticeable degradation in the performance of the website.

Some examples of the web applications we have developed are:

  • Foreign Exchange data update application
  • Maritime Staff Job Engine
  • Aviation Staff Job Engine
  • Technical support referral, invoicing and real time billing portal
  • Customizable Shopping Cart
  • Magazine Subscription eCommerce Application
  • Bank Lead Referral tracking system (CRM)
  • Electronic Document Management System

By having your web application “in the cloud” you are protecting yourself from data conflict and/or loss, hardware compatibility issues, quick obsolescence, multiple platform development, expensive programming. narrow distribution channel and many other hurdles that plague the hardware specific app development. Any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone can run your application.