Email Solutions

email02Business people try to get the best of many worlds from their email, they want:

  • Lots of space: they receive proposals, spreadsheets, documents, manuals
  • Peace of mind: If they are downloading their email to just one computer and that computer goes kaput, their business is in deep trouble.
  • They don´t want to think of backup strategies. They want reliability.
  • Convenience: They want to receive and send their email from wherever they are, using their desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones and find messages FAST.
  • Identity: Their email has to be on their domain name to maintain their corporate image intact.
  • Affordability: An in-house email server will probably set you back 10 grand and setting the service on the cloud typically cost close to $150 per user per year. Too spicy for many small businesses.
  • Work Smarter: Our clients want their email to be uncluttered, not only to curb spam but to see only the ones that need their attention while keeping the rest. They want integration with other services like calendar, cloud storage of documents, advanced sharing options, messaging, tasks and incorporate new technologies as they become available.

The Solution:
After dealing with multiple environments, options, and budgets we have concentrated in Google Apps for Business. We have been doing Web and Email hosting since 1996 and have discovered that relying in Google for email and online collaboration means better service and happier clients.


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