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digital Signage -Virtual Sales personAnytime you see a screen displaying some type of message, image, or video, you are looking at a digital sign. Digital signage is simply an electronic display that can be used inside your premises or outside. Have you gone into a restaurant, a gas station, or a doctor’s office and have seen the specials or health news on a screen? The monitor is showing digital information instead of relying on brochures and whiteboards, capturing the interest of an audience already located at your place.

Digital signage is a versatile media. It can show videos, tickers, stills, texts in a manner that is entertaining to the user, as well as very enticing and absorbing.

How can you use these electronic displays in your business?

Keep in mind that digital signage is your onsite virtual salesperson. When people go to the stores located right next to their homes or workplaces, they are faced with questions, decisions, and looking for special offers. This is when your virtual advertising comes handy, since the content shown is flexible, you have the ability to control what, when, and how it’s displayed to your customers. Imagine, for example, a spa place that has people waiting in the waiting room. While sitting there you can show them the opening of new Yoga classes. They might inquire about the classes, or learn about a new seminar you are conducting and decide to register right at that moment. Imaging walking into a restaurant and seeing the specials menu on a monitor in the entrance with enticing photos and images

Messages and ads using digital signage are easily remembered and, when done properly, increase the responses and/or sales of your products and services. Additionally, digital signage is very flexible, allowing you to change messaging as often as necessary. It has a great power to influence customers during point of purchase as well as to help create an ambience

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