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Online video marketing forecast should take into account our current young adult generation’s behaviors and interests. Millennials love video content and use online venues far differently than previous generations. They have their favorite youtubers, cast their shows to the TV, aren’t interested in cable subscriptions, but enjoy watching videos in their mobile devices. Millennials care for a video if it is recommended by a friend.

Video is and will continue to be a priority for a lot of social media networks. The amount of innovation that has occurred in online video in the last few years  is remarkable. We are getting to a point in which online video quality is, at least, as good as the quality cable and satellite are delivering. Systems are becoming more efficient in streaming and multicast capabilities.

Currently, there is programmatic advertising buying as a mainstream mechanism for display, notably in the future it will become the majority for video advertising. 

It is easier for the brain to process visual content than written one. Creating an impact through videos is therefore much easier.

Online video marketing forecast statistics

More than 60% of marketers and small business owners plan to increase spend on video during 2017. Not only that, for most digital marketing companies, video marketing is a more desirable skill than writing content. For now the most video sharing activities are done via Facebook, followed by YouTube. An staggering 9 in 10 consumers watch at least one online video per week.

Video marketing versatility

While social video is booming, marketers and small business owners use video for marketing on other platforms. Aside from social media, they use it in trade shows, in emails, in their own websites, and/or blogs.

Online video marketing future

While Facebook and YouTube continue to be the most popular channels for paid video promotion, marketers are paving the way for video promotion on mobile platforms, such as Instagram.