Digital Professional Photography

photography01There is a lot more to it than owning a digital camera.

Professional photography is not simple point and shoot. Adequate lighting, composition, selected background are just few of the many factors involved in quality photography

Professional digital photography

There is a big difference between a snapshot and a great, well composed, well executed professional picture.

Your web presence will be a lot more compelling with images that say that you are serious about your business.

Professional product photography

Even of you live outside South Florida, we are able to help you to have quality product photography at low cost. Simply ship it to us and we’ll do the rest. We offer professionally shot product photography for your online store, EBay, Amazon listings, and more.
Since 1996, we’ve been working in South Florida offering a variety of photo services at an affordable price.

To get started contact us and we’ll guide you on your best options. Product photography by Amphion Communications is ideal for websites, brochures, PR, marketing & advertising material

Amphion Communications and professional photography

With a solid background in film photography that goes back to the 1970’s we have evolved into the digital professional photography modifying our techniques for the new medium. Since our equipment has been carefully chosen for cost efficiency you will benefit of an AMPHION photoshoot. Be it a product shot on studio or a location shot of your installations, your headquarters, employees or your procedures. The images we will produce for you can be used for advertising, marketing and industrial/commercial corporate projects as much as on the building of your website.

Call us at 954-782-8668 or email at and we’ll be glad to answer your questions

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