Tips for Local Business Marketing

Marketing globally on the Internet is a valuable effort, however, there are lots of small steps (and not so small ones) that can be done to promote your website, services, and products in your local region

Target your effort to make SEO local perfect

Local search is extremely powerful. Mos customers turn to search engines for local information. Some stats show that up to 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone end up contacting a local store within a day.

Focus on creating a Mobile Website.
Even though most current websites are responsive and work fine on mobiles, it is a better practice to have a different version of your website only for people searching on smartphones or tablets. Low time to upload and easy contact information are vital for mobile websites. Navigation also needs to be adapted for usability as well as content.

Build an email list

Keep contact with your customers and prospects. Newsletters can drive business by helping you notify customers about special offers or new products/services. Offer a special discount or incentive to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter, but most importantly write the newsletter with valuable information to keep growing your list

Use other high traffic websites

Craiglist-type of marketing could be an effective addition to small business. Remember that eye-catching headlines and call-to-actions are necessary tools to increase the number of potential leads. Make sure, though, they arrive at a highly optimized landing page.

Social Media
Local social media is perhaps one of the most powerful tools to increase awareness to your products but it requires constant work. It is important to write effective and useful content, and that requires research on who is your customer and also your competitors. It is very time consuming but profitable in the long run.

Strategic partnerships with other local businesses

Build relations with other businesses. Exchange links and referrals, develop cross promotion strategies,  join business associations and participate in local events. Be a speaker… All those elements will help create an image of your company that your neighbors won’t forget

Get listed in local directories

Even though they might not bring a lot of traffic, the sum of several will add up. You should always try to get listed in as many local directories as possible.

Request testimonials and reviews from happy customers

More than 70% of consumers have said in different surveys that positive reviews make them trust local businesses more.