Mobile Websites

Mobile websites for mobile audiences

Nowadays businesses with mobile websites generate more customers leads  and have more sales than businesses without one because they are easily accessible. Currently, more than 40% of websites are coming from mobile devices.

An app or a mobile website?

mobile websites and appsA mobile website is an opportunity to serve different content to a growing market that is using your information in a different way. Desktop and mobile websites mostly serve different audiences and thus should be separate to be effective.

Most of the time when a customer visits your mobile website, it is for a specific purpose like price comparison or availability, and the possibility of contacting you immediately. Prospects might be simply looking for your address, email, or phone number from one of your physical locations. Providing the information they’re looking for with a user friendly mobile website is the first step towards converting that lead into a sale.

Custom Mobile Website

Developing a custom mobile website is much, much faster than a native app. We set up control code so the user will be directed to the appropriate place depending of the device they are using. We also add “mobile website” and “desktop website” links on each one so the visitor can move freely between them.

Our basic mobile websites incorporate a mobile friendly menu, a phone dial link, a contact form. Your corporate colors and logo and several pages of critical content specifically written to convey your message with minimum effort from the visitor.

The size of the mobile site is such that it will correctly display in iPhone, Android, Black Berry, Windows and other smart phones. making easy to read, attractive and functional.

Desktop website, tablet and mobile website for smart phones…Every business is unique and there is no simple answer, quite often developing an app is a big project. It has a very high price tag and potentially many drawbacks.

Since apps are distributed in “stores”; the end user needs to download and install before looking to your content. With a custom mobile website that extra step is removed. The cost of issuing new versions to keep the app compatible with changes on the smart phones or tablets is also eliminated and updates are immediately available without the need of a new download.

Mobile websites represent a great opportunity to take your business to the next level by targeting customers on mobile devices.

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