Internet Marketing is also for small businesses

There are small business owners who think that Online Marketing is a waste of money and they do not need it. In some cases, they even think that Internet Marketing is only for big companies with big pockets.
There are several points of contention from small business owners. Perhaps some of them are familiar to you.

My business is fine and I don’t need more customers
If that’s your case, we congratulate you. However, just because you are satisfied with your customer base, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those customers will stay with you forever. Access to the Internet has grown enormously. Nowadays, most people go to the Internet and check Google or visit social media venues regularly. Chances are they are going to find out about other companies that can do what you do. It can be that you are the best provider for them, but not having a minimum presence on the internet may jeopardize the image they have of your company since other businesses are already speaking to them through this new media.
Nobody else does what I do.
There are always ways to improve products, services, and prices. Somebody else may be, at this right moment, thinking on a business model that will compete against you, directly or indirectly, in the near future. While you are reluctant of doing marketing on the Internet, your competitors aren’t. New businesses might be looking for some new areas to grow and they will find yours. Just because your current customers already know you, it doesn’t mean they can’t be lured by a new exciting business they heard about on the Internet. Ours is a difficult time. The time were people bought always in the same store has passed. Competition is so fierce that even giants are falling for not getting on board
My customers are offline
We suggest that you think this thoroughly. If you are only visible in the offline world, there is no doubt your CURRENT customers are offline. But what about the ones that are online and don’t know about you. Other companies are reaching them by using Internet Marketing and they might, in the long run, tilt the scale in favor of your competitors.
Internet Marketing doesn’t work for me
Probably you tried in the past, but you didn’t receive the response you expected. Online marketing can be overwhelming, confusing, and above all time-consuming. The most important thing is to plan strategically. For that, there are three important steps: Establish clear objectives, connect with your target audience, and analyze your data. Well-managed digital marketing allows quantifying efforts and results regardless of budget.
It is expensive
All marketing costs time and money. There are no free lunches. However, Internet marketing can be targeted with high precision so the investment may convert to a large number of sales. Compared with the offline marketing, it is cost effective if done properly
I don’t understand it
Not understanding how to market on the Internet is not a reason not to do it. You can always hire a contractor or an agency to plan, execute, and manage your campaigns.

Don’t be afraid of the new technologies. Embrace them and try to use them to your benefit to help you increase your bottom line