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Having a website is not enough anymore. A proper internet marketing plan is necessary to allow businesses grow their bottom line

Marketing services and website design

Amphion Communication offers graphic design, website programming, as well as marketing using social media, Google Adwords, and search engine optimization. All digital marketing services under one roof

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Internet Marketing|Digital Agency

Amphion Communications is a digital marketing company located in the Fort Lauderdale area with ample experience in web development and social blogging.

We offer our clients the versatility and comfort of handling all digital needs under one roof, from website design to hosting, and internet marketing. Furthermore, Amphion is a fully bilingual English-Spanish agency that believes in human interaction instead of automated customer support.

Your website is an important piece of your marketing and is clearly a must in this digital world. However, it’s not going to bring the results you need unless you optimize and integrate it with all your marketing efforts.

Internet Marketing

Only having a website is not enough. A website developed with a holistic internet marketing approach in mind will turn your website into a fully-productive platform that can increase your sales.

An Internet marketing ready website needs to accomplish several aspects:

  • It has to be optimized for the search engines (SEO)
  • Portrays you as an expert and build trust
  • Provides relevant information for your visitors
  • Nurtures your prospects to convert them into paying clients

All of the above can be accomplished in different stages and under different perspectives depending on your business. However, in all cases you are going to need:

  • On-page SEO to increase your rank in search engine results pages and help you get found online
  • A simple navigation to make it easy for your visitors
  • Engaging content easily readable
  • Calls to Action (CTAs) to drive visitors towards the next step you want them to take
  • Humanize your digital presence. Use testimonials. Be collaborative
  • Don’t forget your Mobile presence. Make sure your website works on all platforms.

Social media
We suggest that you take advantage of the social media venues. Keep in mind, though, they are all different. Understand them and adopt them accordingly for your specific internet marketing strategy. Any one of these media may bring you access to a diversity of niches to promote your business and increase conversion.
Online networking and email marketing are also invaluable tools. Don’t forget them.
And of course, integration is critical. Nonetheless, the process can be time-consuming. Consider having a local Internet marketing agency, like Amphion, to develop a plan for you.

As a digital marketing agency, AMPHION can offer a variety of services to increase your presence on the web working within your budget.

Amphion is a full-service agency dedicated to website development and Internet marketing

If you need help and want to spend few minutes with us on the phone, feel free to call us at

954-782-8668 or 1-888-267-4466

Do you think we might be a fit for you? Let us help you with our expertise.

We can build you a website and your social media presence to increase traffic and results which will boost your business grow 

 internet marketing in fort lauderdale

Why an Internet Marketing Agency

We live in a world that increasingly becoming more and more digital, and that is why having a digital marketing agency by your side is becoming more and more important. Don’t get left behind! Online marketing requires lots of writing so it is important that you focus your efforts on growing your own business and let professionals handle your internet promotion.

The Internet is a marvelous marketing and sales tool but it can be complicated, not to mention time-consuming. In our opinion, it is especially relevant for clients to understand the scope of the services that a professional internet marketing agency may provide for them.

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Located in the greater Fort Lauderdale area,  we help businesses of all sizes with social media all over the world.

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