Website development that is functional

When it comes to website development AMPHION will get it right the first time

functional website and marketingMany of our competitors make a clear distinction between design, website development and hosting specialists. At AMPHION we are a small group of multidisciplinary professionals with a clear view of the production process as a whole, each one of us have strengths of course, but no time is wasted on “department to department” transition during the execution of a project.

From the simplest  “web brochure” to the most complex web application your project is in good hands. AMPHION has experience in multiple industries and models. we know eCommerce first hand. Not only from the implementation side. For some of our clients we develop custom eCommerce solutions.

There are many technologies that can help bring your message across and deliver relevant information. More than a decade of multimedia production experience gives us a clear advantage. You will hardly find this flexibility anywhere else under one roof.

We have embraced the latest standards to build websites that are not only attractive, but functional and that will go hand in hand with online marketing efforts, load fast and be secure.

With web programming experience since 1996  we know how the web works. We are also a web hosting company and spend most of our day connected to our servers in Lansing MI. We are very alert and protective of our production environment to keep our clients’investment safe and performing.

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