Does any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You don’t have a website but you think you need one.
  • You have a website done long time ago that needs redesign work. It looks old and it is outdated.
  • You want to sell your products and/or services online and don’t know how.
  • You have the website, you have your online store… but nobody finds you on the web.
  • Your hosting company is unreliable. There is not a human voice to talk to when you have a problem.

These are very common situations. You are not alone. You just need a company that you can trust to talk about your needs and that can provide you with the services you expect. If you want to talk about any of these aspects just mentioned, feel free to give us a call. Spend few minutes on the phone with us, and if you think we might be a fit for you, we’ll help you with our expertise.

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You may have a SERIOUS problem

This is a too common scenario when hiring a web design firm:

You get all excited about your next step for a successful website and after paying a web designer or developer the end result is barely a graphic update; or worse.

The reason this keeps happening (we know, many clients switched to us because of this) is the “pass the buck” attitude of most of our competitors.

Projects are put on hold waiting for content from the client, waiting for photos or videos that suddenly are needed to finish the job. If the project gets finished, it’s guaranteed to be blah at best.

The fix: A digital Agency

AMPHION’s approach is 180 degrees apart. We write the copy, do the photo shoot, and produce the video(s) necessary to put your organization in the web map, we do all the research, get your input and edit copy and media to meet your standard and get approval, it’s the proven recipe for a successful web presence.

Bottom line: Your project is finished on time, on budget on target. No excuses.

Data driven marketing give you indisputable figures that show concrete results, no spin no buts, ands or ifs.

Services at a glance

  • Concept development, pre production.
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • eCommerce
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Programming for the Web
  • Mobile Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Proven Search Engine Marketing results
  • Corporate & Industrial Photography
  • Award winning Video Production
  • Business focused Web Hosting
  • Animation


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Unsolicited Testimonials

AMPHION Comm: Web design, hosting, search engine optimization, and video production in Pompano Beach, Florida
It has been a pleasure working with you and Carlos and a welcome surprise to have competent, professional business partners.

Track Record

Far from been the new kid in the block, we have been in multimedia production since 1989, developing and hosting websites in Florida since 1996. Your satisfaction is our priority and we are a small business focusing in quality work and long term relationships, not volume.

Pompano Beach
Greater Fort Lauderdale area

You need a reliable partner and we strive to be the provider we would like to have ourselves. AMPHION communications has been developing small business solutions since 1996 and we’ll gladly give you referrals of decade long clients. We are in for the long haul.

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Web Design in Pompano Beach Florida

Founded in 1996, AMPHION Communications has developed as an online agency specializing in web design and custom programming, search engine optimization and video production. We can offer responsive web design as well as mobile web configuration. We do not offer cookie cutter websites, but custom ones that tackles your specific needs and, at the same time, we provide you with our experience in the field. AMPHION Communications strives to provide what you really need to succeed.

AMPHION: 1534 SW 7th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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